OHS Dilligenz can provide a range of customised safety training solutions.

We have experience in delivering safety training programs for staff, supervisors and managers. This includes behavioural and human factors approaches to communicating, safety planning and effective safety participation. Let OHS Dilligenz assist you in developing customised training and learning forums to compliment your safety direction and initiatives.

There are numerous methods and materials available to provide effective safety training that prepares and equips employees to better do their jobs. However, adults respond better to workplace training that is customised for their environment and needs. We are proficient in experiential blended learning using several methods for each training session which we find is the most effective way to help employees learn and retain information.

Before considering specific training techniques, ask :

  • What are your training goals for this session?

New skills

New techniques for old skills

Better workplace behaviour

A safer workplace

Communication and Listening skills

Safety coaching

A fair and equal workplace free of discrimination and harassment

  • Who is being trained?

New employees

Seasoned employees

Upper management

  • What is your training budget?
  • How much time has been allocated for training within your organization?
  • What training resources and materials do you have at your disposal?

Answers to these questions begin the narrowing process for your training choices.

Now let’s examine some training methods, and where they best fit in the organisations safety strategy and overall training program. Remembering that great safety training has specific knowledge and competency outcomes that aligns well with organisational needs.

The Choices

Classroom or Instructor-led training

Interactive methods

Hands on training

Blended learning

We can also develop and deliver industry specific inductions, WHS training, training procedures and plans.  Safety Training in Sydney

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