Safety Coaching and Safety Mentoring

Organizations often run out of ideas on how to improve their safety performance. Have you considered Safety Coaching? One on one or in a group?

Safety Coaching uses of number of different techniques through questioning, listening, encouraging and challenging the safety performance of your team. Coaching doesn’t necessarily provide all the answers, but can help to prioritise, refresh and challenge the way things are done and it enables greater participation in safety activities and leadership.

We can work one on one or in groups with leaders and managers through coaching sessions or onsite visits to question and elicit positive reactions to achieve better safety results.

Regular coaching engagement with senior teams can drive safety performance through the management line. We can help them in several ways for example:

  • Recognising what is working well and what isn`t
  • How individual leadership skills, body language, communications and behaviour are perceived and the positive and negative effect it can have on others
  • How in reviewing individual performance and providing feedback this can have a dramatic effect on the safety leadership behaviour and participation of others
  • How to prioritise risk management strategies and question performance to achieve improvement
  • How engagement with suppliers and contractors can influence the way they apply and manage safety.

Through coaching sessions, we take the opportunity to review (through questioning and feedback) what is working and more importantly, whether it is effective? These sessions can at times be thought-provoking for those involved, but can be an opportunity to put cards on the table in a trust environment and discover what may significantly help improve safety performance.

We believe in creating a strong working relationship between our coaches and coached to ensure honest, open and value adding interactions, which are reviewed regularly under our strict privacy and confidentiality agreements.

We believe we can help managers become stronger, more effective, balanced professionals who believe that safety is an essential component to achieve continuous business improvement.

Is this the missing key element of your safety improvement strategy?  Let us help. Safety Coaching in Sydney.

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