Project Safety Risk Management  

PSRM is the process of identifying, assessing and responding to various project risks throughout the life of a project. 

The objective is to provide information on how risks associated with planned activities (including field activities) are assessed and determine appropriate controls. It addresses the project/task level risks, rather than specific hazards encountered in the workplace.

Project risk is to be assessed when:

 a new project/task not previously performed is to be undertaken;

 reviewing/changing safe working procedures;

 purchasing new project plant / equipment / chemicals, etc;

 investigating incidents associated with a project/task;

 required by legislation and

 new information becomes available concerning a project/task, work practices, and/or project plant/equipment that may impact on the health and safety of a project participant.

Where a project/task risk assessment is required, OHS Dilligenz can assist with planning, coordinating, implementing and/or participating in project/task assessments and provide advice on the minimum risk management requirements. We can work with staff to determine emergency responses, develop safe work procedures and assist in ensuring staff acknowledge and understand the risk assessment, task steps and control measures.  Project OHS Risk Management Sydney

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