Contractor Prequalification Management and Monitoring

Contractor prequalification schemes improve a business’ eligibility for contracts with vendors.

Principals and Head Contractors are required to assess their suppliers and subcontractors. They should ask relevant OHS pre-qualification questions and require evidential documentation that will help the assessor measure their capability against specific criteria including technical ability, qualifications, certifications, training, competence, performance and HSE systems.

There are several online contractor management systems through which contractors can register to become pre-approved to undertake work for large corporations and government agencies. However, setting up contractor prequalification systems can, sometimes, be a relatively time-consuming process. This is often the case when contractors do not have a documented safety, environmental or quality management system in place. Importantly gaining approval offers significant long-term benefits to the contractor, especially if it guarantees them preferred supplier status for larger ongoing contracts.

Contractors are often required to submit evidence in support of statements made in the prequalification documents, such as proof of their activities, records as evidence of use of their system, and their competence and training qualifications. They might also need to have their business operations audited. Keeping documentation and records up to date makes tendering and supply chain management a less stressful process for contractors as well as customers.

While being prequalified doesn’t guarantee to win tenders, it certainly positions the organisation to become known within the industry, to connect with important companies (the ones who regularly seek tenders) and to win preferred jobs.

OHS Dilligenz can:

1. Review contractor tender documentation and plans

2. Provide advice on suitable prequalification criteria and evidence

3. Assist in developing and recording relevant pre-qualification documentation. 

4. Carry out audit and review the contractors` WHS system (with recommendations)

5. Carry out onsite audit, inspection and monitoring of contractors

6. Assist contractors to complete the pre-qualification application

Contractor pre-qualification and monitoring is intended to make it easier for both parties to get on with the job.

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