Accident and Incident Investigation 

Workplace accidents and incidents require investigation to prevent recurrence and provide valuable information for any potential legal implications.

With many years’ experience of conducting investigations, the OHS Dilligenz Team will assist you in investigating workplace accidents and incidents.

Our Services

When you need an independent investigation team or investigator, we will provide you with professional services.

Gathering evidence is a critical element in any investigation and all our team have a complete investigation toolkit, utilising Nationally recognised guidance for gathering and securing photographic and other evidence.

We can also offer the services of an investigation team leader to assist your internal team to investigate accidents and incidents. This allows effective coordination of the evidence utilising our investigation process mapping techniques; however, the investigation is primarily undertaken by your team.

 Documentation and Support

We can also assist in providing documentation and support for clients discussing outcomes and arrangements with their insurance company and, where necessary, loss adjusters and regulators.

Our investigation team will ensure that procedures for gathering, handling and storing evidence follow appropriate ‘protocols’.

Recommendations we produce as a result of our investigations will be aligned with Root Causes and translate into SMART Action plans, that will enable you to address Root Causes and to implement the recommendations effectively.

Accident and Incident Investigation

If you feel you need advice or assistance in carrying out an investigation, contact our consulting team.

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