OHS Dilligenz specialises in "The Safety of Work" and in providing Professional services in the field of Workplace Health and Safety.

Keeping on top of your health and safety obligations can often feel like a laborious and never-ending task. With regular changes in the law and a whole host of workplace legislation to get your head around, it can be easy to miss the mark. If you’re not confident in your current practices, or don’t have professional support in place, OHS Dilligenz` network of qualified Health & Safety Consultants can help you to build a safe and compliant working environment through expert support tailored to your organisation.

Transform your approach to health and safety
OHS Dilligenz does provide standard services for managing safety practices and these are typically geared to achieve compliance and due diligence. However many organisations now believe it beneficial to go beyond, to be worker and client inclusive, to strive for a workplace free from all kinds of harm. This includes, occupational health, psycho-social and psychological harm and to manage these we must challenge the status quo and transform the way we do things. OHS Dilligenz not only looks at how work is done and the desired safety outcomes, we can assist by doing "Safety Differently".

"Safety Differently" challenges organisations to view three key areas of their business differently – how safety is defined, the role of people, and the focus of the business. Safety Differently flips traditional thinking and encourages safety growth from the bottom up, so we recognise that - "People are the Solution", its about  “The Safety of Work”, and we look for the presence of “Positive Capacities”.

Mission Statement
Our aim is to be the best in business at solving our clients' health & safety problems. By cutting through the jargon and red tape, we offer practical and professional solutions that save lives and increase our clients' profits.

Our Philosophy
  • To promote sensible risk assessment advice, not to promote risk aversion
  • An overall aim; to unite the workforce and promote a strong and positive health and safety culture
  • To provide advice, training and coaching services that will inspire learners’ to address safety issues with an informed and common sense approach

Our specific goals to achieve our mission are:
  • Ensure the highest levels of customer service for our clients
  • Provide an excellent bespoke service – ‘"fit for purpose"
  • Provide training and coaching that exceed participant expectations
  • Make the organisation a productive and enjoyable place to work

If you would like to find out more about our business goals and how we go about providing top-class consultancy, services and training don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team.  OHS Consultant Sydney