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OHS Dilligenz specialises in "The Safety of Work" and in providing Professional services in the field of Workplace Health and Safety.

Keeping on top of your health and safety obligations can often feel like a laborious and never-ending task. With regular changes in the law and a whole host of workplace legislation to get your head around, it can be easy to miss the mark. If you’re not confident in your current practices, or don’t have professional support in place, OHS Dilligenz` network of qualified Health & Safety Consultants can help you to build a safe and compliant working environment through expert support tailored to your organisation.

Transform your approach to health and safety
OHS Dilligenz does provide standard services for managing safety practices and these are typically geared to achieve compliance and due diligence. However many organisations now believe it beneficial to go beyond, to be worker and client inclusive, to strive for a workplace free from all kinds of harm. This includes, occupational health, psycho-social and psychological harm and to manage these we must challenge the status quo and transform the way we do things. OHS Dilligenz not only looks at how work is done and the desired safety outcomes, we can assist by doing "Safety Differently".

"Safety Differently" challenges organisations to view three key areas of their business differently – how safety is defined, the role of people, and the focus of the business. Safety Differently flips traditional thinking and encourages safety growth from the bottom up, so we recognise that - "People are the Solution", its about  “The Safety of Work”, and we look for the presence of “Positive Capacities”.

Mission Statement
Our aim is to be the best in business at solving our clients' health & safety problems. By cutting through the jargon and red tape, we offer practical and professional solutions that save lives and increase our clients' profits.

Our Philosophy
  • To promote sensible risk assessment advice, not to promote risk aversion
  • An overall aim; to unite the workforce and promote a strong and positive health and safety culture
  • To provide advice, training and coaching services that will inspire learners’ to address safety issues with an informed and common sense approach

Our specific goals to achieve our mission are:
  • Ensure the highest levels of customer service for our clients
  • Provide an excellent bespoke service – ‘"fit for purpose"
  • Provide training and coaching that exceed participant expectations
  • Make the organisation a productive and enjoyable place to work

If you would like to find out more about our business goals and how we go about providing top-class consultancy, services and training don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team.  OHS Consultant Sydney

OHS  Dilligenz specialises in "The Safety of Work" and in providing Professional services in the field of Workplace Health and Safety. 

We provide a range of consulting services for our clients enabling them to manage their OHS obligations. We help them improve their safety performance, grow their organisations safety mindfulness and think differently about how work is done, which includes ensuring safe outcomes, decluttering the safety bureaucracy and finding cost effective business solutions. We do “Safety Differently” enabling our clients to achieve a “Positive and Sustainable Safety Culture.”

Our consultants understand the challenges of being in business. We provide health and safety expertise and can work alongside your people as internal advisors, recognising that as your business expands so does your need to keep on top of your obligations. We will partner with you to enable contemporary safety practices, effective safety systems, risk management and training to match your business growth. OHS Dilligenz provides a range of services depending on our clients’ needs and we can implement safety starter packs which are designed to be affordable for a growing business. This is like having a safety professional on call who knows your business, but without the costs of employing and managing someone.


INDUSTRY SECTORS  typically covered by OHS Dilligenz include:

  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Civil construction and infrastructure
  • Mechanical and electrical
  • Manufacturing
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Transportation
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Quarrying
  • Rail
  • Water
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Buildings
  • Call Centre
  • Local Government (Range of tasks)
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • COVID-19                                                    


Safety Differently challenges organisations to view three key areas of their business differently – how safety is defined, the role of people, and the focus of the business.   Safety Differently flips traditional thinking and encourages safety growth from the bottom, up. "People are the Solution", Its about “The Safety of Work” and the presence of “Positive Capacities”   Let us help you achieve a different safety mindset and outcomes? Safety Coaching Sydney.

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Due Diligence is about taking a precautionary approach to risk management and managing risks to the SFAIRP standard. (So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable). Is your H&S system focussed on hazards and managing to ALARP? (As Low As Reasonably Practical) If so you may not withstand judicial scrutiny in the event of an incident. OHS Dilligenz provides education and coaching of Boards and senior managers to assist in understanding the array of obligations. We can provide tools and insights into the practical things an officer can do in meeting a due diligence standard.

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We work with organisations to review their current OHS arrangements and develop strategic plans to drive workplace OHS improvement, considering their commercial context, maturity and resourcing. We can establish context specific safety plans to assist in achieving realistic and logical OHS planning and improved performance.

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OHS Dilligenz provides a range of work safety audit and inspection services to businesses. Our services include occupational health and safety hazard identification audits, and a comprehensive range of workplace safety audits, reviews, inspections, assurance and due diligence. We also carry out independent board reviews.  

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We work with small to medium organisations to enhance their "Safety of Work". You don’t need to stress in order to manage your risks and our systems approach to safety means we have a range of safety packs that grows with your business. We can take care of your regular audits and inspections, your policies and procedures, we run your safety meetings and keep you up to date with WHS legislative changes to that might affect your business. Our advanced packs include a safety professional on call for your business.

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Identifying hazards, analysing and assessing risk and conducting audits are an essential part of effective business practice. Based on your organisations risk profile we can help develop and provide a WHS Legal Risk Register and WHS Action Plan to address those risks. Additional services include, risk assessments on high risk activities, developing strategic risk management strategies and benchmarking against legislation, international standards and best practice.

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Health and Safety policies and procedures guide and direct all employees to work safely and prevent injury. At OHS Dilligenz we can design contemporary policies and procedures that enhance your organisations commitment and implementation of safety excellence. We have a range of workplace health and safety procedures, policies and risk assessments available for different industry sectors, and these are customisable to meet specific safety and regulatory requirements. If preferred, we can assist in writing appropriate documents to meet your business needs.

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Our Consultants are highly trained, experienced and qualified investigators who can provide third party unbiased and objective WHS incident investigations and support services to your organisation. We have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience required to conduct an independent WHS incident investigation.   If you feel you need advice or assistance in carrying out an investigation, contact our consultants for immediate support.

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Assessing your contractor risk exposure and compliance is fundamental to managing your OHS obligations. We have a suite of pre-qualification and compliance tools and can provide on-site monitoring and audit services to suit your needs. Our consultants can develop assessments and screening criteria that fit your business and are appropriate for each supplier, based on the level of potential risk they may present to your business.

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Responding to OHS risks within the project lifecycle is fundamental to managing the changing nature of project risks. We can analyse and give advice on the project packages and identify OHS risks within the WBS Work Breakdown Structure, Task Organisation and contractor activities.   We can assist in the development of project OHS Management Plans and site specific OHS Activity Management Plans.  Plans can also be improved, and schedules developed to reduce risks and benefit from identified opportunities.

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Building a Positive Safety Culture relies on great supervision and leadership. Are you confident your team has the right skills? We can help to improve knowledge and participation, ensuring there is alignment between your obligations and your organisations goals and objectives? Our Senior consultants have significant experience in coaching and working with leaders and managers to improve organisational and personal safety performance.

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We have experience in delivering safety training programs for staff, supervisors and managers. This includes behavioural and human factors approaches to communicating and safety planning and participation.   We can develop and deliver industry specific inductions, WHS training, procedures and training plans.

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We believe in advice and solutions that suit the size of your business and your business circumstances. Our control measures are cost-effective and practical so you do not have to worry about health and safety "taking over your business". We aim to prove that the health of your business and the health and safety of your employees are one and the same thing. Try our "Start Up" or "Safety of Work" packages, or our safety gap analysis and audit. Contact us to discuss options. We promise that we will not embark upon any work unless we have provided you with a written quote and agreed a fee in advance. You will have complete control over what is spent and when.

Platinum Pack

For organisations wanting to improve on their safety journey and culture

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